Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Past, Present and Future of Snoe Beauty

Helloooo folks!

Before I start, allow me to apologize for not posting anything in the blog because I was busy with alot of things and I'm sure my fellow fierces are are also busy-busihan as the holidays are already approaching. If you  think about at it, we are half way already of November! Oha Santa Claus is almost in town!!!

I am still waiting for any ganaps from the Fierces organizers so kung may mga announcements please inform so we can upload it here immediately.

Okay, since maraming fierces ang may mga blogs at beauty and fashion junkies, let me share you another beauty shamajiggy! I went to the second Snoe Beauty Bloggers event last Saturday, November 17 with other beauty and fashion bloggers. As you may have encountered my post about this cosmetics company, they are relatively new but this year, they really went full blast. Alot of the glossy magazines have started to feature them. It was actually Fifi who recommended this company ( because of their Hair Heroes Argan Oil Conditioner (which is really panalo sa hair believe me!).

Ms. Jen talking about Snoe beauty's beginnings
I met up with Fifi and was introduce to other beauty bloggers. Founded by Ms. Jen Gerondias-Diaz and Ms. Gen Enriquez-Gerondias, Snoe Beauty is now one of the leading and affordable cosmetics. From hair conditioners, BB creams, lipsticks, arm whitening, facial care and sunblock, they have everything that a girl and woman would need.

At the event entitled Past, Present and Future, Ms. Jen shared to the old faces and new faces (me included) about the products they have done, are currently in the store and will produce in the next few months. She also gave tips about being very discreet in picking products especially those who claim they are certified organic or natural. She also clarified about the ingredients in products, saying that not all of them are bad for the skin unlike those who claim it to be.

Their line of rouge. Have two of them
We were also introduce to the Love, Peace and Happiness project they are doing. The project is actually the direct-selling sister company of Snoe and the very interesting part about it is that for budding entrepreneurs, you can product your own products with them. Isn't that great.

Each guest was also given a gift box of samples, discounts to new products and try the upcoming products Snoe will be doing. I have three samples that will be testing and can't wait to give my feedback to them.

I already made a promise to myself I'll be purchasing some new stuff and I really can't wait to see what's next with the company. Until then Snoe Beauty for the next gathering!!

The SnoePedia

The Parallel aka CC cream

One of the new products-BBfied

Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Shampoo with Macademia Nuts

One of my favorites-the eye serum

Bloggers testing products

Yours truly by the Snoe counter. Wearing their pink rouge which really pops out in my photos ;)

The lovely and preggy Ms. Gen with some of the bloggers

Products currently being tested which we will give feedback to Ms. Jen

The loot box I got which includes a new lipstick!


  1. Looks really fun. Hope i could go too next time. What is the crowd's favorite? I know there are a lot of good products from snoe. :)

    1. Hi Monica,

      The bloggers actually loved all the products but based on my observation, alot of them were into the Hair Heroes series, lipsticks and glam jam. I highly recommend The Awesome Poresome Set, Emu series and Hair Heroes Argan Oil conditioner. :)