Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bumping into Direct Robby Carmona


Medyo delayed ako sa post because I have been busy with some rackets (not to mention sleep since I am awake until 1am in the morning kaloka!). I am also trying to figure out how the other fierces can post considering I had to use my email address to access blogger. Hopefully I'll be able to transfer it otherwise I'll be force to give them my e-mail to access the site.

So jumping from the what We Wore Segment, I had the privilege and honor of meeting Direct Robby Carmona during Fashion Week last Saturday. I confess  to be an admirer (and was startruck hahaha!) of the man behind Saga Events because I have watched so many shows and discovered that Direct has been in the profession for the longest time. He has mastered the craft of putting spectacular productions from product events to fashion shows  (I hope he'll give a talk again soon as I really wanted to learn from him about productions and stuff) so it was fortunate for me to meet him. When I tweeted that I wanted to interview him for the blog, he tweeted back and you cannot imagine the excitement in my eyes. Initially hesitant to approach him, I finally did and was able to have a short conversation. I had my tape recorder with my me but for some strange reason, our talk was not recorded at all (big time arrrgh! ) but thank goodness for a good memory, I was able to recall our conversation.

I asked him about directing shows and the challenges that comes with it and he admits there is a huge pressure to making the shows spectacular and for the audience to love it it. He also commends his team from Saga because they step up when he's too busy already to handle all the shows coming their way.

As for the future of Fashion, he see nowhere but for the industry to go up considering so many avenues (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) are now available for today's generation. He also sees Philippine Fashion going international (which is now happening with the likes of Michael Cinco, Oliver Tolentino, Francis Libiran and Rajo Laurel featured in America's Next Top Model as well as other designers getting featured in international magazines or clothes worn by celebrities).

Lastly, I asked him about those who want to follow in his footsteps and those who want to make it in the fashion industry. he simply said to "go for it, enjoy and be experimental."

After that encounter, we had a photo taken and I feel like my dream has come true. I hope to bump into Direct Robby again soon and who knows, maybe he can contribute more ideas for the Fierces since we have come to love him as much as we love Divine, Victor and all those who have come to embrace us.

The author with Direct Robby Carmona. So honored to finally meet Direct!



Monday, May 28, 2012

Fierces look at Fashion Week Saturday May 26

Due to popular demand, I am posting photos of the Fierces from last Saturday's Fashion Week shows. We came in force to support two of Divine's favorite designers; Tina Daniac and Veejay Floresca (who I love in Project Runway).  Going to post in the coming days more stuff  but without further ado, here are some of the Fierces' photos.

Yours truly in what I call the "secretary" look.

Tin wearing a powder blue dress and green bib necklace.
Borj in a relax look na we all agree Penshoppe look peg :P

Allyson in a bustier top and bias cut skirt which is very in nowadays.

Jencee looking polish in her ensemble. I love the green skirt. Style ka pa kay Victor kala mo lang haha :P

Our fierce organizer Jasmin in an ensemble from Forever 21.

Our future stylist Fifi. Type ko yung bag girl!
Love the gold chain!

Allen, Shine and Allyson. We baptized them as Powerpuff girls because they were all wearing bias cut skirts and colors pa ng PP girls yung skirts haha :))

It was good to see all members of the Fierces gather even for at least two days. Watch out for our shots with Nix Alanon, Rajo Laurel and Robby Carmona (who I was able to stalk for a short conversation). 



Friday, May 25, 2012

Fierces at Fashion Week, Divine crowns two new becky and fierce royals and gay rights


As much as I have been trying to bug the other fierces to write, it looks like I'll have to be the one to do this for the meantime dahil hindi ko alam kung nahihiya sila or what. Nevertheless, I hope some of them will contribute and share their thoughts as I've mentioned in the past that this is their blog and I just started the ball rolling for them.

To start things, a group of the Fierces lead by Jasmin and Jencee trooped to MOA last night to show support to Kermit Tesoro's fashion collection. Now for those living under the rock (at sana wala naman haha!), Kermit is one of the well-known experimental designers of today. His clothes have been worn by Lady Gaga and last year, he collaborated with artist Leeroy New for one of Gaga's outfits that was featured in her album cover. Kermit is actually a favorite designer of Divine and she actually collaborates with him in many of her outfits, even helping him in the business side of fashion.

Here are photos from Divine's blog ( showing Gaga wearing one of Kermit's creations. But as our dear mother Becky would like to boast, she was the first to wear it. Haha!

 Gaga arriving in Kermit's armor.
 Kermit's armor as photographed.

 Divine wearing Kermit in the April issue of Preview Magazine (Fact: We surprised Divine when this issue came out because the Fierces were able to get a copy ahead before its release.)

Moving on, Twitter was buzzing a few hours ago when Georgina Wilson defended Xtinasuperstar against someone who called Xtina a gender bender model. Now for those who are unfamiliar with Xtina, she is a good friend of Divine and a becky who happens to be one of Kermit's muses.  With this, Divine has officially appointed Georgina as the becky princess and Liz Uy as the becky empress. I am not sure if this was for the fun of it but as many of the fierces love Georgina and Liz, we welcome them to the group. I am actually going to convince Divine to set up an interview with the two soon because they are fierces in the own right.

Now going back to the issue of gay rights, many of us know how passionate Divine is about this. It is a fact that there is still discrimination on the LGBT group and this is what she is trying to stop. Alot of us in the group have become advocates of equal rights and while I do have my own opinions, I believe discriminating people should be stopped. It is easier said than done considering how are minds have been shaped by the people around us but individually, we can make a change and that change is by accepting who they are. I happen to have alot of good gay friends and I respect them. I even ask help in make-up and clothes because trust me, they are the best to go to for consultations. One of those who I respect is make-up artist Jigs Mayuga who I know is an advocate of equality for the LGBT and a good make-up artist. since meeting him, I have so much respect and yes, if his last name is familiar, he is the son of the retired admiral Mateo Mayuga.

So whether you are gay, straight, bisexual or whatever, respect yourself and respect others. Intrigues and challenges are part of life and it all up to you how to fight back and come out stronger than ever.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Call Me Maybe Video featuring the It Girls

This post was suppose to be for last night but due to time constraint, I am now only posting this.

As everyone in the cyberworld knows by now, the famous Call Me Maybe video featuring "It" Girls Georgina Wilson, Belle Daza, Anne Curtis, Liz Uy, Bea Soriano and Solenn Heausaff has been the topic of  Twitter and Facebook. The video shows the girls goofing around with their other friends including TV host Raymond Gutierrez and their respective boyfriends Erwan (Anne's bf and Solenn's brother), Borgy Manotoc (Georgina's bf) Adrien Semblat ( Belle's bf), Bea Soriano's bf and Nico Bolzico known as Maverick (Solenn's bf). Manny Pacquiao also makes a cameo appearance.

The video has been the topic of social networks that it has reached 361,968 views as of this posting. What is interesting about this video is for one, it features the girls themselves who are famous in their own rights. Another would be the fact that it's a perfect marketing strategy and teaser for Preview's June issue (which by the way is the magazine's anniversary special and where Liz's is fashion ed at large) and third is that is shows their goofiness, something that people rarely see from them when they are out in the public.

Many of the Fierces are fans of these girls. I myself is a follower of Georgina, Liz, Solenn and Belle in Twitter so seeing their funny side is something unusual for me. I can probably boast that when Belle started in showbiz last year, I got a direct message from her after I cheered her on her debut in Party Pilipinas. ;)

One of the things I believe that we look up to these girls is that they are fearless themselves! They went out of their comfort zones and tried their luck and look where they are today. While they tend to be tagged as party girls, socialites, it girls and all, let us go beyond that facade and see the accomplishments they made. While we have our favorites among them (yes I have a fave myself and its quite obvious who she is haha), we love them and copy their styles and support their endorsements and shows.

Any of us can channel our own inner "IT" girl and who knows, someone might make a new viral video inspired by them. ;)


Call Me Maybe featuring the "It" Girls ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How this all came about...

Let me get the ball rolling by introducing myself. My name is Alexa, founder and creator of this blog.  I started this project as my way of giving back to the group known as the Fierces. They are a group of avid followers of entrepreneur, construction executive, model and blogger girl Divine Lee. If Divine's name is familiar, she is the daughter of Delfin Lee, owner of Globe Asiatique. 

I first encountered Divine's name through a good friend of mine. I soon found myself following her twitter posts and reading her blog. I finally met Divine face to face (nope not the way Amy Perez's show goes haha) during the Christmas party at Robotayaki last year. It was there I would meet the rest of the group; Jasmin, Jencee, Fifi, Allyson and many more. Of course, I met Divine's boyfriend, the handsome Victor Basa (wala etong sipsip ha!) and the Becky Nights group consisting of Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun and Buern Rodriguez along with David Milan (who I am very familiar as I used  to see him around my former office in Manila) and their other friends. Jake is very familiar to me as we were once classmates in high school (how funny and coincidental indeed!).

After the Christmas party, the group was in constant in touch with all the ganaps to the gifts for Divine on her birthday to Mother's Day (we call her our Mother Becky) to outreach projects such as the Toys for Joy campaign. Friendships were formed and we all soon started following each other on Twitter and Facebook, updating what was going on with our lives.

But things were just getting started. Last February, I went through the darkest moment of my life professionally. I left my job in the newspaper for personal reasons. It was through this trying time that I saw how the group (led by Jasmin) consoled me even if it was only online. After a dinner last March, the idea of a newsletter came to mind but I had to consult Jasmin and Jencee first about it. We all agreed that the best medium was a blog or website since many of the Fierces had Tumblr, Wordpress or blogs anyway. Trying to get over the pain, I studied again on how to do a blog and last May 20, I constructed the 'skeletal' form of this blog for the Fierces. Yes, we are now officially online!

So now that the Fierces are online, expect this site to evolve. Pictures, profiles and even 'ganaps' will be posted. All of our adventures will be chronicled in this site as a form of expressing ourselves whether, girl, boy, gay or lesbian.  This site is for the Fierce and I on behalf of the group welcome anyone who would like to express themselves. In this age of modern technology, everyone has the right to be his or herself and you are a truly fierce if you are not afraid to be yourself.

Divine and me during the Christmas party last year at Robotayaki.  A friendship was born that day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012