Monday, May 28, 2012

Fierces look at Fashion Week Saturday May 26

Due to popular demand, I am posting photos of the Fierces from last Saturday's Fashion Week shows. We came in force to support two of Divine's favorite designers; Tina Daniac and Veejay Floresca (who I love in Project Runway).  Going to post in the coming days more stuff  but without further ado, here are some of the Fierces' photos.

Yours truly in what I call the "secretary" look.

Tin wearing a powder blue dress and green bib necklace.
Borj in a relax look na we all agree Penshoppe look peg :P

Allyson in a bustier top and bias cut skirt which is very in nowadays.

Jencee looking polish in her ensemble. I love the green skirt. Style ka pa kay Victor kala mo lang haha :P

Our fierce organizer Jasmin in an ensemble from Forever 21.

Our future stylist Fifi. Type ko yung bag girl!
Love the gold chain!

Allen, Shine and Allyson. We baptized them as Powerpuff girls because they were all wearing bias cut skirts and colors pa ng PP girls yung skirts haha :))

It was good to see all members of the Fierces gather even for at least two days. Watch out for our shots with Nix Alanon, Rajo Laurel and Robby Carmona (who I was able to stalk for a short conversation). 



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