Saturday, June 23, 2012

@divinemlee and @victorbasa in #AxeAnarchy race


Pasensya na sa lack of posts dahil naging busy din. Anyway as everyone knows by now Divine and Victor participated in the Axe Anarchy Cops and Robbers game held at Eastwood last June 9. If you saw the photos from their respective blogs ( and alam nyo na nag-enjoy silang dalawa (check out na rin their respective tweets before and after the game so you know what I mean).

Madami naging highlights and syempre for a spectator like me, happy ako to see Marc Nelson rapel to make an entrance. Ramon Bautista also co-hosted the event and sobra talagang riot.  With all the running and screaming, I am just glad to be watching. Ang isa sa mga memorable moments was when we all discovered that Divine was in high heels! Kung hindi ako nagkakamali siya lang daw ang naka five inch shoes. Ikaw nga niya best dress daw siya kung hindi man siya manalo.

So after all the running and searching of the code in the guys bodies, Petra Mahalimuyak and her partner emerge as winners of P1 M each.  So kung dream nyo to be chase by the woman or the man of your dreams, type nyo etong event na ito. Who knows maulit uli ito next year.

Sorry hindi ako makakapost ng photos kasi I was in the third floor watching. :) Just check their blogs for it.

Also Divine hosted the Azzaro launch a few days before the Axe Anarchy. This was also the night the fierces surprised Victor with a birthday cake which Victor also wrote in his blog.

That's all for now. Abangan ang fierce profile soon.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

New blog design courtesy of @yummylopez and @fbealopez

Like the new design of the blog? This is courtesy of Yummy Lopez and her sister Bea who took time for the fierces. Inaayos pa eto so it can change anytime. Thank you so much!

Anyway, how's work and school fierces? Medyo busy ang mga beauties natin pero once settled for sure madaming mga ganaps uli.

Watch out for the Axe Anarchy and more fierce profiles within the next few days. Also pala I would like to invite everyone to send in their requests on beauty and health stories so I can blog about them here and also for a magazine I am involve with. Email


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Season 3 of @beckynights was epic!!!

Okay as usual late ang posting ko because sa dami ng racket na ginagawa in life. As many may know by now, Season 3 of Becky Nights premiered last night live at Cafe Lupe in Antipolo. At dahil sa nakakainis na Ustream, hindi ko masyado na watch but I know that many of the Fierces were there. Nakakaloka lang na wala ako doon pero eto I am blogging it again buwahahaha.

Entitle Iskandalosa, Ethel Booba joined Jake, Matt, Buern, Divine and new host Raymund Isaac (who is one of today's top photographers and video directors to the stars) for this episode. Si Ethel is popular for her stint with Extra Challenge in GMA7  with Paolo Bediones. Anyway laughing trip ang episode because no hold barge talaga. For sure ang dami natawa sa mga live at online audience.

Isa sa mga latest additions nila na segment is called RAMPA where they went around Manila for interviews. Raymund talks with top model Joey Mead about her stint as runway coach for Asia's Top Model, Divine with who else but Victor Basa (na sobrang funny dahil hindi marunong si D mag-camera at kung nao pinagsasabi as always :)) ). Matt and Jake talks to Rajo Laurel about love and how he found Nix after going through one of his low points in life and Buern naman had fun with friends by staging a beauty pageant.  See, ang dami nangyari!

As per last night's viewers, around 3,000 watched it online and this is not yet counting those who downloaded the episode. Iba na talaga ang Becky Nights because from no sponsors, meron na thanks to Globe Tattoo, Zen Zest, White House Boracay and Cafe Lupe which will host the show every first Monday of the month. O diba keribelles na ang show!

The new cover of Becky Night season 3 :)

Photographer Raymund Isaac debuts with the quartet adding more dynamics :D
* Photos courtesy of Becky Night Facebook
Iba din ang OBB kasi club na club siya I swear! I love it na napapafeeling ako ng DJ hahaha. So continue to support the group and the more fierces and becklings the better. :)

Want to hear the OBB? You can click here for the whole podcast :)
Becky Nights - S3 Ep1 (AUDIO)


Monday, June 11, 2012

It's baaack!! Fierce profile @jenceepay

For the second Fierce profile, get to know Jencee Amba aka Jasmin Somera's partner in crime! ;)

Jencee counts photography as one of her passions. ;)
Interests/hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Social Media, Nature lover, Foodporn, Fashion Finds, Adventures

What made you follow Divine in Twitter? I saw Alleyson photos in FB with this woman and said I want to know her she seems so kind and humble. "Follow her on twitter" Alley said. The thing is I don't have a twitter account, right there and then I created an account and followed her. :) 

How was Fierce group formed? How surprised are you that the group is growing? No idea how it was formed neither surprise that our group is growing. I just met them at the LegLove event and they warmly welcomed me. So it's not impossible that we are growing and glowing 'coz everybody loves Mother Divine Lee! And we Fierces, is not just a group or what, we have a deeper relationship than that :)

With more madlang people joining, are you up to the task of being the "organizer" of the ganaps? Anything for FIERCES, I’m always game! :)

What do you think Divine has that people love and started following her? She's lovable, sweet, nice, funny, humble and DOWN-TO-EARTH. 

What is your dream for the fierce group? What do you think makes the Fierces different from other groups? I just want to continue to grow and glow of what we started. Hopefully, each of us will showcase our talents and highlight it in respected industries.  As I said, we have a deeper relationship than being a group. :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fierces surprise @victorbasa

As everyone knew by now, Victor celebrated his birthday last June 6 and the Fierces surprised him with a truffle cake. :)  Please click the link to see V's story.

birthday salubong

Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally! The wait is over @beckynights and @raymundisaac debuts with the quartet

After two months of wait (waiting nga ba eh nakikita namin sila sa mga ganaps ni Divine hahaha), the show that started it all is baaaaaaack!!!!

As many Fierces can attest, BeckyNights was one of the reasons paano nagkita at nagkakilala ang mga beckys and fierces and how the group was formed. Sa mga hindi nakakaalam, the show debut last March 2011 with the trio of Jake Galvez (the make-up expert) Matt Gozun (stylist extraordinaire) and Buern Rodriguez (hair par excellence). Curious enough, I stumbled on this show when they were just starting and as in my first post, I am familiar with Jake because we were classmates at one point (oo na Jake that's how old we are hahaha!).  In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I could take the topics but duh, times have changed and being in media for the last 8 years has helped me be more open minded about the world of the beckies which would lead me to following the group and Divine.

So with the podcast coming back this Monday June 11, expect more from the trio and Divine and this time, a new face enters---one of today's top photographers to the stars Raymund Isaac debuts as a correspondent. More laughter and surprises and for sure, chikahans and pabaons. :)

Here's a sneak peek of BeckyNights during their OBB behind the scenes :)

By the way, hindi lang ang Becky Nights ang may pasabog. Akala nyo ang mga Fierces wala. Abangan ang pasabog na iyan sa mga darating na posts and kung curious kayo eto : WHAT IS A FIERCE? ;)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yahoo eto na! Fierce Profile: @iheartjasmin

Finally! After so much pangungulit, here's Fierce profile number 1: our lovely and dearest organizer Jasmin Somera :) watch for more Fierce profile ;)

Ang dakilang organizer ng fierces :)
Name: Jasmin Aranzaso-Somera 

Interests/hobbies: shopping :) , watching basketball & wrestling, i love fun convos with good friends over great food/coffee :)
What made you follow Divine in Twitter?  - Lavern retweeted a photo of Divine wearing an LBD, high heels and a black Birkin at Dampa, so sabi ko bongga toh kailangan ko makilala toh!! hahaha!! iba tlga sya!! :) on a serious note, i support her fight for equality :) 
I myself was surrounded with gay friends since high school and that made me understand and feel the need to fight For their rights :)

How was Fierce group formed? How surprise are you that the group is growing?  - It all started last July 2011, during the Philips event !and then Divine would tweet us to join her ganaps. But the whole group actually became close last Oct., during the Leg Love event. We constantly communicated thru twitter and Fb and we organized na meet ups that's why we became close friends na. 
With more madlang people joining, are you up to the task of being the "organizer" of the ganaps?  - We are blessed to have cooperative co-members. The FB Fierce page made it more easier to disseminate infos/ganaps to all the fierces.
What do you think Divine has that people love and started following her? - she's super down-to-earth and indeed a true/real person! Anyone can attest to that :) whenever we see her, we always have super fun talks and she will just make you laugh with all her cute antics hahaha :)
What is your dream for the fierce group? what do you think makes the Fierces different from other groups? - Personally, I just wish that the group continues to grow bigger. and the friendship grows stronger :) #fierceforever

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While waiting for @iheartjasmin and @jenceepay... Kahol muna!

Eto mag shashare muna ako. As some of the Fierces may know by now, I am an Azkal follower (the team ha not the dog haha) so aside from being a member of the Fierces, I am a member of the Kaholeros, the boosters squad of the Philippine National Football Team. They were formed last year during the time the Azkals debut in Panaad in Bacolod. Led by Ebong Joson, the group's main goal is to be the 12th man of the team cheering and uplifting their spirits during the games. I was fortunate to have interviewed some of them last year and after I left the newspaper, I decided to join the group to cheer. I debut as a member on February 28 during the Malaysia-Phl game here in Manila. I can tell you that while its a lot of fun, it's alot of hardwork as well for those who are the pioneers of the group.

So now that I have introduced the group, I share about being a Kaholero in yesterday's game vs Indonesia. Since I am a really new to the sport, I have yet to really grasp the game. From what I have heard from football fans, Indonesia a good team and a rivalry was formed between the Phl and Indonesia team for quite sometime.  While I cheered on with the squad, I saw how the action can be nerve wrecking especially since Indonesia has never been beaten before by the Phl team. It did not help that tensions escalated between two members of the Phl team and the Indonesian captain. I thing it was about five minutes in the second half so iyon the Phl team was down to 9 in the last few minutes. The Final score: a draw of 2-2.

Why am I sharing this to the fierces? As many of you may know, the main purpose of this site is for everyone to know each other. As the creator of this blog, I am allowing you my co-fierces to see the other side of me (album name eto buwahaha) but seriously you will be surprise to know more about each person. I am just glad that while we rarely see each other, this blog gives us the chance to get know each other beyond the physical side of things. This post can tell you that while I am a serious person, I have my cookie side as well. Hello! Hindi kaya ganun kadali pumunta ng Rizal Memorial Stadium tapos uulan at para kang basang sisiw to cheer on the team.  There are alot of sacrifices and I mention in my twitter post that the game against Indonesia will be my last temporary live game as I will become busy again (actually I have been busy so imagine ninyo na lang ang balancing act ko as blogger, writer and kung anu-ano pa!).   There will be a point na hindi na ako masyado makakapunta sa mga ganaps ng Fierces so ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko na na sana mag-ala correspondents na ang ibang mga fierces!

Anyway, as mentioned watch out for more posts in the coming weeks. I still have to find a way paano ko matratransfer ang site na eto sa e-mail add ng fierces.  Abangan ang Fierces profile promise it's going to be worth it.

Photo taken last February 28 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium with the Kaholeros.


The truffle cake chipped in. Mahal di ng Fierces si V noh!
V about to blow the candle. He did not know it was coming to him haha. :D
PS : The Fierces chipped in for a cake for Victor Basa who got the surprise of his life. Happy Birthday V!! :D

*Victor b-day photos courtesy of Jasmin Somera :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Fierce photos from Fashion Week!

Special mention to Tin and Daniel again for the following photos. Kayo na ang judge. XD -ALEXA

Pose kung pose talaga eh!
Di nagpatalo ang mga girls pero parang virgin lang daw eh :P
With Nix and Direct Robby who were game!

The heirs to BeckyNights!!
And another one oha!

Must fierces ang mga beckies kaysa girls ano ba iyan!

Meeting @nixalanon and @rajolaurel


I am late in posting due to puyat and all the extra stuff I have been doing. So before I disappear today for the Azkals game (yes I am a certified follower of the team and kung finafollow niyo post ko kilala nyo kung sino favorite ko na member. Clue--> I call him Capt. Von Trapp hahaha) eto na!

During the final day of Fashion week, the Fierces had the privilege of watching the Bench Fashion Show featuring Rajo Laurel's launch for his perfume and jeans line. Dubbed as Rajo-Revolution, the show was energetic and had the youth vibe. If you have seen the photos in Rajo's blog and fashion sites, you know what I mean.  With all the dancing and grinding on the stage, I can tell you that one person stood out for me aside from Rajo: Joey Mead.  She was perhaps the model who I saw that really rocked the stage (and it helped that she was dressed punk as she in vibe the tough look for her character).

After the show ended, people in the area were taking photos and buying Rajo's collection. Unfortunately the Fierces were really not allowed to take photos with celebrities because of a strict rule we followed from Divine. This all changed after we exited the room and Nix Alanon dropped by to say hello to us. He was very nice to the group and was game in taking photos with us. Soon, Rajo and even Direct Robby Carmona joined in the fun and we all were happy. Wala nga masyadong pictures with celebrities but look naman....Rajo, Nix and Direct were happy meeting us fierces aka Divine's minions hahaha! :))

The good thing that came out of this? A gathering of the Fierces with the possibility of the three in attendance. Bongga diba! It is humbling to know that busy people in the fashion industry and celebrities in their own right take time to get to know their followers. A mentioned in my previous post, Direct Robby is one of the nicest people I've met in the industry. Oh and just to insert in, Rajo tweeted back yesterday when I asked him about his jeans collection having a plus size since I wasn't sure if I would fit in one and for that I was just glad he answered.

The group with the one and only Rajo Laurel. Special thanks to Daniel  for the photos.

Will try to post more photos soon. Sana ready na lahat so I can upload and and upload. Watch out for Fierce profiles where in you will get to know each Fierce member soon.