Monday, June 11, 2012

It's baaack!! Fierce profile @jenceepay

For the second Fierce profile, get to know Jencee Amba aka Jasmin Somera's partner in crime! ;)

Jencee counts photography as one of her passions. ;)
Interests/hobbies: Photography, Traveling, Social Media, Nature lover, Foodporn, Fashion Finds, Adventures

What made you follow Divine in Twitter? I saw Alleyson photos in FB with this woman and said I want to know her she seems so kind and humble. "Follow her on twitter" Alley said. The thing is I don't have a twitter account, right there and then I created an account and followed her. :) 

How was Fierce group formed? How surprised are you that the group is growing? No idea how it was formed neither surprise that our group is growing. I just met them at the LegLove event and they warmly welcomed me. So it's not impossible that we are growing and glowing 'coz everybody loves Mother Divine Lee! And we Fierces, is not just a group or what, we have a deeper relationship than that :)

With more madlang people joining, are you up to the task of being the "organizer" of the ganaps? Anything for FIERCES, I’m always game! :)

What do you think Divine has that people love and started following her? She's lovable, sweet, nice, funny, humble and DOWN-TO-EARTH. 

What is your dream for the fierce group? What do you think makes the Fierces different from other groups? I just want to continue to grow and glow of what we started. Hopefully, each of us will showcase our talents and highlight it in respected industries.  As I said, we have a deeper relationship than being a group. :)

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