Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While waiting for @iheartjasmin and @jenceepay... Kahol muna!

Eto mag shashare muna ako. As some of the Fierces may know by now, I am an Azkal follower (the team ha not the dog haha) so aside from being a member of the Fierces, I am a member of the Kaholeros, the boosters squad of the Philippine National Football Team. They were formed last year during the time the Azkals debut in Panaad in Bacolod. Led by Ebong Joson, the group's main goal is to be the 12th man of the team cheering and uplifting their spirits during the games. I was fortunate to have interviewed some of them last year and after I left the newspaper, I decided to join the group to cheer. I debut as a member on February 28 during the Malaysia-Phl game here in Manila. I can tell you that while its a lot of fun, it's alot of hardwork as well for those who are the pioneers of the group.

So now that I have introduced the group, I share about being a Kaholero in yesterday's game vs Indonesia. Since I am a really new to the sport, I have yet to really grasp the game. From what I have heard from football fans, Indonesia a good team and a rivalry was formed between the Phl and Indonesia team for quite sometime.  While I cheered on with the squad, I saw how the action can be nerve wrecking especially since Indonesia has never been beaten before by the Phl team. It did not help that tensions escalated between two members of the Phl team and the Indonesian captain. I thing it was about five minutes in the second half so iyon the Phl team was down to 9 in the last few minutes. The Final score: a draw of 2-2.

Why am I sharing this to the fierces? As many of you may know, the main purpose of this site is for everyone to know each other. As the creator of this blog, I am allowing you my co-fierces to see the other side of me (album name eto buwahaha) but seriously you will be surprise to know more about each person. I am just glad that while we rarely see each other, this blog gives us the chance to get know each other beyond the physical side of things. This post can tell you that while I am a serious person, I have my cookie side as well. Hello! Hindi kaya ganun kadali pumunta ng Rizal Memorial Stadium tapos uulan at para kang basang sisiw to cheer on the team.  There are alot of sacrifices and I mention in my twitter post that the game against Indonesia will be my last temporary live game as I will become busy again (actually I have been busy so imagine ninyo na lang ang balancing act ko as blogger, writer and kung anu-ano pa!).   There will be a point na hindi na ako masyado makakapunta sa mga ganaps ng Fierces so ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko na na sana mag-ala correspondents na ang ibang mga fierces!

Anyway, as mentioned watch out for more posts in the coming weeks. I still have to find a way paano ko matratransfer ang site na eto sa e-mail add ng fierces.  Abangan ang Fierces profile promise it's going to be worth it.

Photo taken last February 28 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium with the Kaholeros.


The truffle cake chipped in. Mahal di ng Fierces si V noh!
V about to blow the candle. He did not know it was coming to him haha. :D
PS : The Fierces chipped in for a cake for Victor Basa who got the surprise of his life. Happy Birthday V!! :D

*Victor b-day photos courtesy of Jasmin Somera :)

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