Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yahoo eto na! Fierce Profile: @iheartjasmin

Finally! After so much pangungulit, here's Fierce profile number 1: our lovely and dearest organizer Jasmin Somera :) watch for more Fierce profile ;)

Ang dakilang organizer ng fierces :)
Name: Jasmin Aranzaso-Somera 

Interests/hobbies: shopping :) , watching basketball & wrestling, i love fun convos with good friends over great food/coffee :)
What made you follow Divine in Twitter?  - Lavern retweeted a photo of Divine wearing an LBD, high heels and a black Birkin at Dampa, so sabi ko bongga toh kailangan ko makilala toh!! hahaha!! iba tlga sya!! :) on a serious note, i support her fight for equality :) 
I myself was surrounded with gay friends since high school and that made me understand and feel the need to fight For their rights :)

How was Fierce group formed? How surprise are you that the group is growing?  - It all started last July 2011, during the Philips event !and then Divine would tweet us to join her ganaps. But the whole group actually became close last Oct., during the Leg Love event. We constantly communicated thru twitter and Fb and we organized na meet ups that's why we became close friends na. 
With more madlang people joining, are you up to the task of being the "organizer" of the ganaps?  - We are blessed to have cooperative co-members. The FB Fierce page made it more easier to disseminate infos/ganaps to all the fierces.
What do you think Divine has that people love and started following her? - she's super down-to-earth and indeed a true/real person! Anyone can attest to that :) whenever we see her, we always have super fun talks and she will just make you laugh with all her cute antics hahaha :)
What is your dream for the fierce group? what do you think makes the Fierces different from other groups? - Personally, I just wish that the group continues to grow bigger. and the friendship grows stronger :) #fierceforever

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