Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meeting @nixalanon and @rajolaurel


I am late in posting due to puyat and all the extra stuff I have been doing. So before I disappear today for the Azkals game (yes I am a certified follower of the team and kung finafollow niyo post ko kilala nyo kung sino favorite ko na member. Clue--> I call him Capt. Von Trapp hahaha) eto na!

During the final day of Fashion week, the Fierces had the privilege of watching the Bench Fashion Show featuring Rajo Laurel's launch for his perfume and jeans line. Dubbed as Rajo-Revolution, the show was energetic and had the youth vibe. If you have seen the photos in Rajo's blog and fashion sites, you know what I mean.  With all the dancing and grinding on the stage, I can tell you that one person stood out for me aside from Rajo: Joey Mead.  She was perhaps the model who I saw that really rocked the stage (and it helped that she was dressed punk as she in vibe the tough look for her character).

After the show ended, people in the area were taking photos and buying Rajo's collection. Unfortunately the Fierces were really not allowed to take photos with celebrities because of a strict rule we followed from Divine. This all changed after we exited the room and Nix Alanon dropped by to say hello to us. He was very nice to the group and was game in taking photos with us. Soon, Rajo and even Direct Robby Carmona joined in the fun and we all were happy. Wala nga masyadong pictures with celebrities but look naman....Rajo, Nix and Direct were happy meeting us fierces aka Divine's minions hahaha! :))

The good thing that came out of this? A gathering of the Fierces with the possibility of the three in attendance. Bongga diba! It is humbling to know that busy people in the fashion industry and celebrities in their own right take time to get to know their followers. A mentioned in my previous post, Direct Robby is one of the nicest people I've met in the industry. Oh and just to insert in, Rajo tweeted back yesterday when I asked him about his jeans collection having a plus size since I wasn't sure if I would fit in one and for that I was just glad he answered.

The group with the one and only Rajo Laurel. Special thanks to Daniel  for the photos.

Will try to post more photos soon. Sana ready na lahat so I can upload and and upload. Watch out for Fierce profiles where in you will get to know each Fierce member soon.



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