Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bumping into Direct Robby Carmona


Medyo delayed ako sa post because I have been busy with some rackets (not to mention sleep since I am awake until 1am in the morning kaloka!). I am also trying to figure out how the other fierces can post considering I had to use my email address to access blogger. Hopefully I'll be able to transfer it otherwise I'll be force to give them my e-mail to access the site.

So jumping from the what We Wore Segment, I had the privilege and honor of meeting Direct Robby Carmona during Fashion Week last Saturday. I confess  to be an admirer (and was startruck hahaha!) of the man behind Saga Events because I have watched so many shows and discovered that Direct has been in the profession for the longest time. He has mastered the craft of putting spectacular productions from product events to fashion shows  (I hope he'll give a talk again soon as I really wanted to learn from him about productions and stuff) so it was fortunate for me to meet him. When I tweeted that I wanted to interview him for the blog, he tweeted back and you cannot imagine the excitement in my eyes. Initially hesitant to approach him, I finally did and was able to have a short conversation. I had my tape recorder with my me but for some strange reason, our talk was not recorded at all (big time arrrgh! ) but thank goodness for a good memory, I was able to recall our conversation.

I asked him about directing shows and the challenges that comes with it and he admits there is a huge pressure to making the shows spectacular and for the audience to love it it. He also commends his team from Saga because they step up when he's too busy already to handle all the shows coming their way.

As for the future of Fashion, he see nowhere but for the industry to go up considering so many avenues (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) are now available for today's generation. He also sees Philippine Fashion going international (which is now happening with the likes of Michael Cinco, Oliver Tolentino, Francis Libiran and Rajo Laurel featured in America's Next Top Model as well as other designers getting featured in international magazines or clothes worn by celebrities).

Lastly, I asked him about those who want to follow in his footsteps and those who want to make it in the fashion industry. he simply said to "go for it, enjoy and be experimental."

After that encounter, we had a photo taken and I feel like my dream has come true. I hope to bump into Direct Robby again soon and who knows, maybe he can contribute more ideas for the Fierces since we have come to love him as much as we love Divine, Victor and all those who have come to embrace us.

The author with Direct Robby Carmona. So honored to finally meet Direct!



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