Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How this all came about...

Let me get the ball rolling by introducing myself. My name is Alexa, founder and creator of this blog.  I started this project as my way of giving back to the group known as the Fierces. They are a group of avid followers of entrepreneur, construction executive, model and blogger girl Divine Lee. If Divine's name is familiar, she is the daughter of Delfin Lee, owner of Globe Asiatique. 

I first encountered Divine's name through a good friend of mine. I soon found myself following her twitter posts and reading her blog. I finally met Divine face to face (nope not the way Amy Perez's show goes haha) during the Christmas party at Robotayaki last year. It was there I would meet the rest of the group; Jasmin, Jencee, Fifi, Allyson and many more. Of course, I met Divine's boyfriend, the handsome Victor Basa (wala etong sipsip ha!) and the Becky Nights group consisting of Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun and Buern Rodriguez along with David Milan (who I am very familiar as I used  to see him around my former office in Manila) and their other friends. Jake is very familiar to me as we were once classmates in high school (how funny and coincidental indeed!).

After the Christmas party, the group was in constant in touch with all the ganaps to the gifts for Divine on her birthday to Mother's Day (we call her our Mother Becky) to outreach projects such as the Toys for Joy campaign. Friendships were formed and we all soon started following each other on Twitter and Facebook, updating what was going on with our lives.

But things were just getting started. Last February, I went through the darkest moment of my life professionally. I left my job in the newspaper for personal reasons. It was through this trying time that I saw how the group (led by Jasmin) consoled me even if it was only online. After a dinner last March, the idea of a newsletter came to mind but I had to consult Jasmin and Jencee first about it. We all agreed that the best medium was a blog or website since many of the Fierces had Tumblr, Wordpress or blogs anyway. Trying to get over the pain, I studied again on how to do a blog and last May 20, I constructed the 'skeletal' form of this blog for the Fierces. Yes, we are now officially online!

So now that the Fierces are online, expect this site to evolve. Pictures, profiles and even 'ganaps' will be posted. All of our adventures will be chronicled in this site as a form of expressing ourselves whether, girl, boy, gay or lesbian.  This site is for the Fierce and I on behalf of the group welcome anyone who would like to express themselves. In this age of modern technology, everyone has the right to be his or herself and you are a truly fierce if you are not afraid to be yourself.

Divine and me during the Christmas party last year at Robotayaki.  A friendship was born that day.

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  1. wow!!! i loveeett!!! bongga tlga c mother she inspires us in sooo many ways and our group, the fierces, am so honored to be part of this. good start alexa!! ansipag nyo mgblog, taga basa nlng ako and comment, wit ko knowsline sa ganyang techy levelz!! :)))