Thursday, May 24, 2012

Call Me Maybe Video featuring the It Girls

This post was suppose to be for last night but due to time constraint, I am now only posting this.

As everyone in the cyberworld knows by now, the famous Call Me Maybe video featuring "It" Girls Georgina Wilson, Belle Daza, Anne Curtis, Liz Uy, Bea Soriano and Solenn Heausaff has been the topic of  Twitter and Facebook. The video shows the girls goofing around with their other friends including TV host Raymond Gutierrez and their respective boyfriends Erwan (Anne's bf and Solenn's brother), Borgy Manotoc (Georgina's bf) Adrien Semblat ( Belle's bf), Bea Soriano's bf and Nico Bolzico known as Maverick (Solenn's bf). Manny Pacquiao also makes a cameo appearance.

The video has been the topic of social networks that it has reached 361,968 views as of this posting. What is interesting about this video is for one, it features the girls themselves who are famous in their own rights. Another would be the fact that it's a perfect marketing strategy and teaser for Preview's June issue (which by the way is the magazine's anniversary special and where Liz's is fashion ed at large) and third is that is shows their goofiness, something that people rarely see from them when they are out in the public.

Many of the Fierces are fans of these girls. I myself is a follower of Georgina, Liz, Solenn and Belle in Twitter so seeing their funny side is something unusual for me. I can probably boast that when Belle started in showbiz last year, I got a direct message from her after I cheered her on her debut in Party Pilipinas. ;)

One of the things I believe that we look up to these girls is that they are fearless themselves! They went out of their comfort zones and tried their luck and look where they are today. While they tend to be tagged as party girls, socialites, it girls and all, let us go beyond that facade and see the accomplishments they made. While we have our favorites among them (yes I have a fave myself and its quite obvious who she is haha), we love them and copy their styles and support their endorsements and shows.

Any of us can channel our own inner "IT" girl and who knows, someone might make a new viral video inspired by them. ;)


Call Me Maybe featuring the "It" Girls ;)

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