Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty Junkie moment: Snoe Beauty Products and Watsons

I must be the world's frustrated beauty junkie right now!

At the height of my 30th birthday, I found myself at the Watsons store so many times for the past few days looking at every bath, body and face product and testing them and asking questions from the sales representatives. So aside from the shoes I bought from Primadonna and the lunches I had with my friends, I treated myself to some beauty shopping at Watsons and scooping out their olive oil base shampoos and conditioners and newly released cream body washes. Since they have the campaign Switch and Save, I ended buying three products and since it was buy 1 take 1, I ended with six products on my way home. Not bad!!

My Watsons buy. Currently using the purple body wash.

A good friend and Fierce upcoming stylist Fifi Abboud recently shared a new discovery called Snoe Argan Oil based Heroes Conditioner on his blog ( From Fifi's blog, he shared that the conditioner worked so well and smelled so nice. Being the curious and frustrated beauty junkie I am, I decided to try it myself and in three words- I LOVE IT!!! My hair feels soft and relaxed and it even smell so good.
My first purchase from Snoe Beauty-Hair Heroes (Argan oil base conditioner) and Magic Apple s-rub.
Went to the Cosmetics expo at Megamall last Saturday and bought the pore minimizer and slimming gel. Comes in a cute shopping bag too!!

I also bought Snoe beauty's S-rub, a dry lotion that promises to exfoliate dry skin. I tried it before the conditioner and it worked well although I recommend to exfoliate with a paddle scrub to really exfoliate the dry skin. I also bought their Pore Minimizer set and Slimming Gel. I have yet to try the Pore Minimizer but has been rubbing some of the slimming gel twice a day to test for myself how it will shrink my stomach. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is still a must though so I really have to work on this.

So if you want to try the products go ahead. Run to our nearest Watsons store for the Switch and Save and  checkout Snoe Beauty at their website for more information.

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