Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beauty Junkie-@myflawless and @BlowoutBar_MNL


First of all, thank you for all the greetings. It has been a wonderful but quiet birthday today and now that I'm 30 (yes yuppie na talaga hahaha), I am looking forward to the adventures I'm embarking soon.

Anyway, unknown to many, I am a frustrated beauty junkie. While many girls prefer make-up, I am more into hair and body care. Shampoos, conditioners, eye creams, lotions you name it, I'm willing to try it. While I'm wary of going to popular skin treatment salons, I made an exception with My Flawless last August 21 when I dropped by for a power peel session. I am actually blaming Fifi Abboud for this in particular because while I know Flawless even before the BeckyNights and Divine were sponsored by the beauty salon, it was only now I decided to go for it after he told me about his experience with the Nano Peel.

At the MRT after my treatment at Flawless. Medyo mapula pa hehehe ;P
A few weeks before the actual treatment, I had a consultation with the dermatologist at the Cubao branch. Base on our talk, Cosmelan and Frac and Roll were the treatments recommended but since it was very steep for me (Cosmelan ranges 18k-30k for a set of sessions while Frac and Roll starts at 4,500 per treatment), I decided to avail the birthday discount for either a Power Peel, Body scrub or facial. I chose the power peel which comes with a facial and added a mask to it. Initially I was cringing especially in the nose part (when I saw all the dirt I could not believe it at all) but after the pricking, I was able to relax especially when the vitamin mask was added on to my face. I went out of  Flawless feeling fresh and the best part--I got a free collagen soap as part of the package!

My beachy hairdo after my treatment at BlowoutBar Manila :D
Last Monday, after going to an appointment in Makati, I dropped by Blowout Bar located in Rada St. I bought one of their vouchers and decided to have my hair treatment that day. The space was small but very cozy and set-up like a bar. I had a deep conditioning treatment using argan oil and asked to style my hair in beach waves. In between the process, I was watching Coco Avant Chanel and the Victoria Secret Fashion show and sipping tea. I walked out of the salon like I came from the beach with my hairdo. :)

So if you have a free day, drop by Flawless or BlowoutBar Manila and I can guarantee that you will feel pampered and special with their treatments.  After all, every woman or becky wants to feel beautiful. ;)

For more information check-out  My Flawless  thru their facebook - or tweet @myflawless

For BlowoutBar check out - or tweet@BlowoutBar_MNL

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