Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Land of the Morning Calm...

Scenic view at Jeju Island
How time really flies!

Exactly a year ago today, I left Manila for a three week fellowship sponsored by LG Sangnam Press, a division of LG Electronics for Korea. It was in Korea that I met seven other crazy journalists (not to mention student guides and care takers) who I would form friendships and experience the ultimate adventure of a lifetime.

Korea will always have a special place in my heart. I have fallen in love with the country even before the rise of the hallyu wave and I'm looking forward to the day I will comeback and see my friends.  I am looking forward to seeing Namsan Tower and Gyeongbukung Palace and even the places where the dramas were taped and going to the other places I haven't been to like Busan.

During our graduation day.
I miss the adventures from drinking soju to writing my thank tablet in Gyeongju, Korea has open my eyes to alot of possibilities. Learning their instruments to making pottery to even going to Jeju Island and see the Teddy Bear Museum.

Tomorrow, I mark my 30 years of existence in the world. While I normally would have gone out of the country on my birthday, will do it sometime end of the year. While Korea will not be on top of my list for this year, chances are, it will be for 2013.

Very familiar bears? It was from the top drama Princess Hours :)
At Gyeonju during one of our music sessions
Happy anniversary to my group of friends who I met in Seoul -Aveek, Nickolay, Magda, Francoise, Lee Jun, Amir, Marco, Shannon, Terry, Hyelim, Seul Ki, Yena and company. Until we all see each other again.


Me about to learn the instrument.

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