Friday, August 10, 2012

The spirit of Bayanihan never dies...

Never count out the Filipino in time of crisis.

Following the massive rains brought by the habagat last Tuesday, Filipinos united and did their own ways of helping those who were devastated by the floods in Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Pampanga up to Bataan. As mentioned in my last post, Divine and Victor rallied up their group that was formed during typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) and immediately went to work in packing and distributing goods.

Goods bought through the Fierces cash donation.
The Fierces also gathered together to lend help. Using Facebook and Twitter, our leaders Jasmin and Jencee sought for goods and cash to buy the additions to bring to Divine's house which became the base for the relief operations. I met up with fellow Fierce member John Rufo and was fortunate enough to scout and give five bottles of drinking water, can goods and biscuits to add to the relief.  I was also able to ransack for hotel toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste and shampoo that were just lying in the house. My older brother also donated toiletries and my youngest brother and I couldn't help but laugh when we saw the collection of toothbrushes, soap and toothpaste that he gave. Talk about hoarding but I know it will go to those in need. Mom brought them with her to Miriam this morning where the student council and volunteers were busy repacking.
Jasmin, Jencee, John and Divine Carmelo helping at Victor and  Divine's house to repack goods.

Aside from the goods and toiletries, cooked food was also donated to the evacuees and volunteers via Binalot. By pledging a bulk starting at P250, those who pledge can help feed 5-50 persons. I was really glad that the restaurant thought of this and I was able to share it via FB and twitter to international base Filipinos and groups wanting to help.

Politicians and celebrities did their own relief operations and despite animosity and tensions, they set aside their differences and helped the people who needed the attention. President Noynoy Aquino also went around to examine the damages brought by the floods and also distributed goods together with his staff and sister Kris.

Our leaders Jasmin and Jencee repacking goods. :)
So many stories of heroic deeds with photos showing members of the AFP, PNP, Navy and even ordinary civilians uniting to help rescue those trapped in flooded areas. PAWS also lend a hand by rescuing pets abandoned or neglected by owners.

We may have a chaotic country but if there is one thing that you can never take out in a Filipino is that the bayanihan spirit lives on.


PS: For those who want to donate, please get in touch with Jasmin through @iheartjasmin, Jencee @jeenceepay, Divine @divinemlee, Victor @victorbasa  or you may drop them at Tony Galvez Salon in Cubao, House of Laurel in Makati, Aracama Restaurant at the Fort, SM Megamall and other relief operations in your nearby areas. 

Food pledges are also accepted through Binalot. Tweet @binalot or you may go to their website on instructions how to pledge.  

The longgowncompetition by Shahani Gania is scheduled this Monday, August 13 at Prive where all  forms of donation will  be accepted for the victims of the Luzon flood. Tweet @shahanigania, @xstinasuperstar or@vincearie for details.

Photos taken from Jasmin and John Rufo's twitter and FB accounts.

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