Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank you Borj Borja

By now, people realize how life is short that many of us tend to abuse it. Some are fortunate to live their life to the fullest while others are not lucky.

Last week while scrolling through the timeline and Facebook statuses, many of us were caught off-guard when one of our fiercest sis Borj Borja died. When I asked Jasmin the cause of death, she was informed that it was due to pneumonia. None of us saw this coming. Borj was one of the most active and liveliest fierce in the group. In fact, Divine in her twitter account shared that Borj was one of her first callers when BeckyNights started airing online. I was fortunate to have known Borj for a short time and I have to say that he was a person I would love to be spending more time with.

I remembered the first time when I went to meet the fierces in Makati. It was the Christmas party Divine asked Jasmin to organize. I met Borj and we really hit off. We talked again during Fashion Week and I snapped  a picture of him for this blog. It was through his account that I would get to know him more. Active in the cause of AIDS awareness in the country, a member of the Dragon Boat team, these were some of the things I was slowly discovering about Borj. When I pitched the idea of revamping the website with some photos, I immediately asked Borj to come in as creative director because I felt with him, he'll be able to see the vision I wanted for this blog. It never pushed through because of busy schedules but if he was alive today, I'm sure he would still go for it.

A week since his death, alot of us are still digesting the fact the he's gone. Jake, Matt and Buern were so stunned when they heard the news and even dedicated a moment for Borj in last week's episode of the show. But life must go on and for sure, Borj would tell us that as well.

Borj where ever you are, continue to watch over us. You will live forever in our hearts and you will remain a fierce to the end.

Taken at the last Philippine Fashion Week, the last time I would see Borj.

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