Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When You Are In Charge...

No one  said it was going to be easy. While I was ecstatic about being the coordinator for DiabetEASE magazine, I know that errors from the magazine will become my responsibility. True enough, to my dismay, I overlooked two errors and it was for accreditation. To me, nothing more is important than saying thank you to the people who made it possible but to misspell them was totally different.

I will not deny...I was on the verge of crying. I was very frustrated. Here I was given the opportunity to do a magazine and I ended up with two errors. While it's common to make a mistake in publications, credibility is always a cloud hanging on you. I was so shaken and horrified when I tell the EIC but a mistake is a mistake and I must take responsibility for it.

I was often told that the mistakes you make, the lessons from it will make you sharp and focus on what happens next. I was not happy about it but what is important is that I acknowledge my mistake, apologize and do an erratum and hope it will not happen again. 

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