Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eto na! Fierce profile @fifi_abboudie

Siya na ang future stylist ng mga Fierces and apprentice ni @mattgozun. Also my guardian angel in styling questions. Thank you sis!!! -ALEXA

Full Name: Firas Solomon Abboud
Stylist na stylist just by looking at this photo collage ;)

Interests/hobbies: Of course everything fashion, reading, writing, cooking, eating, dancing, traveling etc. I love to learn and explore new things!

What made you follow Divine in Twitter? Well, I first saw Divine in the Lounge Section of Preview Magazine, I fell in love with her style instantly, I googled Divine Lee, and one of the results included her twitter account, I followed her on the spot.  

How surprised are you that the group is growing? As a matter of fact, I am not surprised at all. Well, maybe I am surprised on the fact that the group grew really fast! 

What do you think Divine has that people love and started following her? Divine is a huge ball of sunshine and positivity. And each time the ball shines, more and more people gets hit by the wonder Divine exudes, thus making them love and follow her! She is brave, down-to-earth, funny, caring, spontaneous and so much more good adjectives. How could you not love a person like Divine Lee? 

What is your dream for the fierce group? What do you think makes the Fierces different from other groups? Hmmm, now that the group is growing, my dream is that everyone will be open to one another so that the fierce bond will be so powerful and unbreakable. The fact that we laugh at almost everything, we really know how to have a good time don't we?

You are known as the budding stylist in the group so how would you style Divine in a photo shoot? What would be your dream setting for it?

Last month, I had the privilege of actually styling Divine Lee being the intern of Matt Gozun. But if  I were to conceptualize a shoot for Divine and style her for it, I have two concepts. One is a goddess shoot on the Columns in Greece to mark the goddess that she is, and two a bare shoot, just like a polaroid shot, maybe because we are used to seeing Divine all glammed up, it would be interesting to see her bare it all, the makeup, accessories, the sparkle and showcase Divine, just Divine.

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