Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random thoughts...

It's already July and for some strange reason, floods of emotions came back to me. Hindi kaila sa Fierces that I have been through a rough personal crisis at the start of the year. I left my job in the newspaper last February, had an unstable emotional rollercoaster  ride jumping from a job in April that I realize was not for me until last June I was finally able to land a position as senior writer for Zen Health Magazine under Fame Publishing. Looking back at the first six months, I did not know how I was able to survive it all.

I am so grateful for the people who backed me up despite the vague situation. Some of the Fierces knew but understood why I rather keep quiet. After all, if you love something and treasured it like your own, it bounds to hurt when you leave it.

As with regards to the new chapter in my life, I am very please to write for the magazine. Its a new challenge since it's a new environment. But like any neophyte in the industry, I learn everyday and I am looking forward to learning more and embrace the industry which I believe is my calling.


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